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Hot meals are delivered Monday to Friday. We offer REGULAR and VEGETARIAN menus with the option of fish every other Wednesday. 


Choose your meal plan on our online form. The form link can be emailed to you, please contact or get our info through your school.


Your child will receive hot meals at participating schools, on the days you sign up for. It's THAT simple! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your service work? How do I start?

Email us at and we will answer within 24 hours with a form for you to sign up. We only deliver to participating schools so make sure your school is collaborating with us!

How can I cancel the meal subscription? 

Please email us 2 weeks in advance to cancel your meals and you will receive a refund! Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds if you cancel on service in less two weeks. 

Do you offer home-delivery? 

We are currently working to make that happen!

Are all your ingredients organic? 

Our ingredients are chosen carefully for freshness, quality and minimal exposure to pesticides and GMO's. Ingredients that are on the EWG's 'dirty dozen' list are always organic, including celery, potatoes, peppers, kale & berries. Additionally, we use organic carrots, garlic & many dry goods. Check out our suppliers' page for more information.

What if my child's school does not have a partnership with Little Green Gourmets? 

Unfortunately, we don't do individual delivery. However, if your school has 20+ parents who are interested in our service, we will offer a trial period and hence, the collaboration begins.

How do you address my child's allergy needs? 

We offer allergy meals, however, our meals are not appropriate for children with sever or anaphylactic allergies. Let us know what allergy attention your child needs while signing up for our service. We are working many children with  allergies - and as long as it is safe, we will accommodate your child.

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