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LGG is​ closely monitoring NYC DOHMH, NYS and CDC recommendations regarding COVID-19. We continue to have strict physical and procedural measures in place to address safe food handling for our customers, as well as provide a safe environment for our employees.

MASKS: ​All employees are provided with clean face masks daily and are required to wear them at all times in the LGG kitchen facility.

TEMPERATURE CHECKS:All employees are given a temperature check before being allowed to enter the LGG kitchen facility.

SOCIAL DISTANCING:Employees have been given designated work spaces with 6 feet of distance between them and are required to maintain safe distances while working.

HAND WASHING / HAND SANITIZER / GLOVE USE:LGG continues to mandate rigorous hand washing practices, hand sanitizing and glove use practices. Additional hand sanitizer stations have been added to the facility, both inside and out.

SANITIZING SURFACES, TOOLS, EQUIPMENT:LGG continues to maintain an impeccably sanitized kitchen facility. All surfaces, tools, equipment and delivery bags are sanitized regularly throughout the day. A full-time employee is designated this sole responsibility.

VENTILATION:​LGG is fortunate to operate in a large kitchen space with excellent ventilation, including an industrial lift gate that remains open during work hours to provide ample air movement.

FOOD & PACKAGING RECEIVING:​No outside delivery personnel are allowed to enter the kitchen space. All food deliveries must be received in the hallway to reduce contact with LGG employees and the kitchen facility. All items are unpacked from their original packaging / boxes before entering & being stored in the LGG facility.

DELIVERY BAGS:​All delivery bags are thoroughly sanitized upon return, outside of the LGG facility, before entering the kitchen. Bags are sanitized again before leaving the kitchen for delivery. A surface sanitizer as well as a high heat steamer are used for this purpose.

DELIVERY TRUCKS & DRIVERS:​​All delivery drivers are temperature checked upon arriving for work and are required to wear masks, gloves and use hand sanitizer between all deliveries. All delivery vehicles will be sanitized daily. Drivers will avoid entering schools to make deliveries and LGG will work closely with each school to develop safe delivery plans that ensure minimal contact between our drivers and school personnel.

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